NSK from Kapital to Capital: Neue Slowenische Kunst: An Event of the Final Decade of Yugoslavia (2015) [English, Slovenian]

15 December 2016, dusan

“The exhibition NSK from Kapital to Capital was the first major museum project of the Neue Slowenische Kunst (NSK) collective, and followed the events of its individual constitutive groups, from 1980 and the Laibach poster scandal in Trbovlje (Slovenia) through 1992, when the art collective transformed into the NSK State in Time. The title, NSK from Kapital to Capital, places the exhibition in the socio-political context of the turbulent 1980s, when the old world order was crumbling and the all-encompassing system of global capitalism was starting to come into its own.”

Publisher Moderna Galerija, Ljubljana, 2015
ISBN 9789612061142
83 pages
via L’Internationale


From Kapital to Capital (English, 2015, 2 MB, PDF)
Od Kapitala do kapitala (Slovenian, 2015, PDF, added on 2017-11-7)

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