After Us: Art—Science—Politics, 2 (2016)

10 February 2017, dusan

“Through essays, pictorials and fiction, After Us hopes to look beyond the horizon, exploring developments in science and technology, new forms and expressions in art, and alternative political thinking. In print and online.”

Contents: Essays by Claire Colebrook on man and the apocalypse, Jennifer Boyd on explosions and their motifs, Peter Wessel Zapffe on the tragedy of intellect. Interview with Patrik Schumacher by Martti Kalliala. Fiction by Amy Ireland. Art by Daniela Yohannes, Laurel Halo, Mari Matsutoya & LaTurbo Avedon. Graphic fiction by Lando. Illustrations by Dave Gaskarth, Rich Foster, Patrick Savile and featuring the work of Alice Channer, Quayola, Zaha Hadid.

Publisher Optigram, London, Sep 2016
40 pages

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PDF (10 MB, added on 2017-3-4)

See also Issue 1.

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