Seth Price: Fuck Seth Price: A Novel (2015)

21 February 2017, dusan

“In the course of a gripping, headlong narrative, Price’s unnamed protagonist moves in and out of contemporary non-spaces on a confounding and enigmatic quest, all the while meditating on art in a broad sense: painting, sculpture, film, architecture, literature, and poetry. From boutique hotels and highway bridges to PC terminals and off-ramps; from Kanye West and Jeff Koons to George Bush and Patricia Highsmith; from the playground to the internet to the mirror, Price’s hybrid of fiction, essay, and memoir gets to the questions of how we live now.”

Publisher Leopard, New York, 2015
ISBN 9780981546834, 0981546838
124 pages
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Reviews: Benjamin Lord (Art Book Rev), Liz Glass (CAA), Ross Simonini (Art in America).



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