The Gift of Nam June Paik, 2 vols (2009) [English, Korean]

22 April 2011, dusan

Papers from the seminars which took place at Nam June Paik Art Center in South Korea on 4-5 February and 3-4 September 2009.

Contributors to Vol. 1: Hannah Higgins, Suki Kim, Seongho Haam, Midori Yamamura, Mary Bauermeister, Youngchul Lee, Jinsok Kim, Bazon Brock, Jinkyung Yi.

Contributors to Vol. 2: Jungjin Park, Hunyee Jung, Susanne Neuburger, David Zerbib, Chunsil Yoon, Jeonghwan Jo, Hank Bull, Kogawa Tetsuo, Chulki Hong, Joonggwon Jin.

Publisher: Nam June Paik Art Center, 2009

Publisher (Vol. 1)
Publisher (Vol. 2)

Vol. 1: Shifting Perspectives and The Notion of Time
ZIP’d PDFs (English, updated on 2014-2-11)
ZIP’d PDFs (Korean, updated on 2014-2-11)
Vol. 2: Retying Gordian Knots
ZIP’d PDFs (Korean, added on 2014-2-11)

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