Ágnes Ivacs, János Sugár (eds.): Buldózer: Médiaelméleti antológia (1997) [Hungarian]

28 May 2009, dusan

An anthology of contemporary media theory in Hungarian, derived from the Metaforum conference series and Nettime mailing list.

Introduction by Janos Sugar (English)
Preface by Geert Lovink (English)
Gilles Deleuze: Postscript on the Societies of Control
Thomas Pynchon: Is it O.K. to be a Luddite?
Tjebbe van Tijen: Ars Oblivivendi
Bruce Sterling: The Brief History of the Internet
Richard Barbrook, Andy Cameron: Californian Ideology
Manuel De Landa: Markets and Antimarkets
closing debate of MetaForum 3
Felix Stalder: Financial Networks
Matthew Fuller: Spew- Excess and Moderation on the Networks
Critical Art Ensemble: Net Realities – Utopian Promises
Data Trash an interview with Arthur Kroker by Geert Lovink
János Sugár: Paradigm Shift Interruptus
Pit Schultz: The Final Content
Geert Lovink: A Push Media Critique
Alexei Shulgin: Art, Power, and Communication
Calin Dan: Journey through a Data Room
David Garcia, Geert Lovink: ABC of Tactical Media
Miklós Peternák: In Medias Res – The Man without Interface
Lev Manovich: Digital Reality
Hans-Christian Dany: Schizos Still Wanna Have Fun
Michael Heim: Anxieties
Attila Kotányi: Is There Any Media Criticism That Isn’t Suicidal?
Gábor Bora: AI Service
Alpár Losoncz: Digitalization of Borders
Erik Davis: Technoculture and the Religious Imagination
Peter Lamborn Wilson (Hakim Bey): Net-Religion – War in Heaven

Edited by Agnes Ivacs and János Sugár, in cooperation with Diana McCarty, Geert Lovink, and Pit Schultz
Biographical notes by Diana McCarty
Publisher Media Research Foundation, Budapest, October 1997
Layout: Balazs Boethy using Heath Bunting’s graphics
ISSN 1417-6033
220 pages

multiple formats

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