Christopher May (ed.): Key Thinkers for the Information Society (2003)

16 June 2009, dusan

With the aim of widening current perspectives on the information society, each contributor introduces a particular social theorist and discusses the way in which their insights can be reintroduced into debates regarding the social, political and cultural impact of information and communication technologies. Theorists include: Walter Benjamin; Murray Edeleman; Jacques Ellul; Harold Innes; Lewis Mumford; Karl Polanyi; Eric Elmer Scattachneider and Raymond Williams.

Published by Routledge, 2003
ISBN 0415296722, 9780415296724
194 pages

Key terms:
information society, Lewis Mumford, Walter Benjamin, Harold Innis, megalopolis, Karl Polanyi, technological determinism, information age, digital divide, Wolin, Jacques Ellul, Elmer Eric Schattschneider, industrial revolution, information revolution, Frankfurt School, globalisation, Marxist, Internet, postmodern, history of technology

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