Jean Rouch: Ciné-Ethnography (2003)

20 June 2009, dusan

:One of the most influential figures in documentary and ethnographic filmmaking, Jean Rouch has made more than one hundred films in West Africa and France. In such acclaimed works as Jaguar, The Lion Hunters, and Cocorico, Monsieur Poulet, Rouch has explored racism, colonialism, African modernity, religious ritual, and music. He pioneered numerous film techniques and technologies, and in the process inspired generations of filmmakers, from New Wave directors, who emulated his cinema verite style, to today’s documentarians. Cine-Ethnography is a long-overdue English-language resource that collects Rouch’s key writings, interviews, and other materials that distill his thinking on filmmaking, ethnography, and his own career. Editor Steven Feld opens with a concise overview of Rouch’s career, highlighting the themes found throughout his work. In the four essays that follow, Rouch discusses the ethnographic film as a genre, the history of African cinema, his experiences of filmmaking among the Songhay,and the intertwined histories of French colonialism, anthropology, and cinema. And in four interviews, Rouch thoughtfully reflects on each of his films, as well as his artistic, intellectual, and political concerns. Cine-Ethnography also contains an annotated transcript of Chronicle of a Summer–one of Rouch’s most important works–along with commentary by the filmmakers, and concludes with a complete, annotated filmography and a bibliography. The most thorough resource on Rouch available in any language, Cine-Ethnography makes clear this remarkable and still vital filmmaker’s major role in the history of documentary cinema.”

Edited and translated by Steven Feld
Publisher University of Minnesota Press, 2003
ISBN 0816641048, 9780816641048
400 pages

Key words and phrases
Dogon, Jean Rouch, Sigui, Edgar Morin, Germaine Dieterlen, Marcel Griaule, Michel Brault, Damoure, Pale Fox, Marilou, African cinema, Niger River, Bandiagara, Dziga Vertov, Oumarou Ganda, direct cinema, Niamey, Songhay, Ghana, Treichville


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