Global Media Journal 5(1): Australian Edition: WikiLeaks: Journalism and the 21st Century Mediascape (2011)

17 October 2011, dusan

“This issue of Global Media Journal, Australian edition, has taken a significant step in choosing to focus its attention on the WikiLeaks phenomena. The call for papers for the issue elicited a strong response. We were aware that WikiLeaks has provoked significant controversy in its relatively short existence. The refereed papers, essays, book reviews and presentation by Kristinn Hrafnsson – the spokesperson of WikiLeaks – all reflect the robust debates currently circulating around the WikiLeaks phenomenon. In some respects, the emergence of WikiLeaks was tailor-made for public media exposure and analysis. Despite an early lack of interest by the mainstream media, Wikileaks persisted until it won due recognition with its web-based whistleblowing model and significant assault on classified files – most from the alleged whistleblower, Bradley Manning, the US army private accused of leaking classified documents to WikiLeaks.” (from the Editorial)

Issue editors: Hart Cohen and Antonio Castillo
Published in September 2011
ISSN 1835-2340

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