Sabine Seymour: Functional Aesthetics: Visions in Fashionable Technology (2010)

30 October 2011, dusan

Functional Aesthetics is a sequel to Seymour’s highly acclaimed book “Fashionable Technology” (Springer 2008) and contains new state-of-the-art and revealing artistic and design examples focusing on the aesthetic and functional aspects. Chapters like Contextual Prerequisite, Body Sculpture, or Transparent Sustainability provide in-depth studies of often visionary projects seen as stimulation for new developments in the matured field of “Fashionable Technology“. The book presents inspiring projects between the poles of fashion, design, technology, and sciences. It includes a list of relevant information on DIY resources, publications, inspirations, etc.

Publisher Springer, 2010
ISBN 3709103118, 9783709103111
232 pages

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