Olga Goriunova: Art Platforms and Cultural Production on the Internet (2011)

16 December 2011, dusan

“In this book, Goriunova offers a critical analysis of the processes that produce digital culture. Digital cultures thrive on creativity, developing new forces of organization to overcome repetition and reach brilliance. In order to understand the processes that produce culture, the author introduces the concept of the art platform, a specific configuration of creative passions, codes, events, individuals and works that are propelled by cultural currents and maintained through digitally native means. Art platforms can occur in numerous contexts bringing about genuinely new cultural production, that, given enough force, come together to sustain an open mechanism while negotiating social, technical and political modes of power.

Software art, digital forms of literature, 8-bit music, 3D art forms, pro-surfers, and networks of geeks are test beds for enquiry into what brings and holds art platforms together. Goriunova provides a new means of understanding the development of cultural forms on the Internet, placing the phenomenon of participatory and social networks in a conceptual and historical perspective, and offering powerful tools for researching cultural phenomena overlooked by other approaches.”

Publisher Routledge, 2011
Volume 35 of Routledge Research in Cultural and Media Studies
ISBN 0415893100, 9780415893107
228 pages

Reviews: Annet Dekker (OPEN, 2012), Tony Sampson (Mute, 2012), Alessandro Ludovico (Neural, 2012), Hanna Kuusela (Media, Culture & Society, 2013).


PDF (updated on 2018-10-23)

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