CyberOrient: Online Journal of the Virtual Middle East, Vol. 5, Nr. 1 (2011)

25 January 2012, dusan

“The main purpose of this electronic journal is to provide a forum to explore cyberspace both as an imaginary forum in which only representation exists and as a technology that is fundamentally altering human interaction and communication. The next generation will take e-mail, websites and instant availability via cell-phones as basic human rights. Internet cafes may someday rival fast-food restaurants and no doubt will profitably merge together in due time. Yet, despite the advances in communication technology real people in the part of the world once called an “Orient” are still the victims of stereotypes and prejudicial reporting. Their world is getting more and more wired, so cyberspace becomes the latest battleground for the hearts and minds of people everywhere.”

Editor-in-Chief: Daniel Martin Varisco
Publisher: Middle East Section of the American Anthropological Association and the Faculty of Arts of Charles University in Prague
ISSN 1804-3194

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