Paul Levinson: Digital McLuhan: A Guide to the Information Millennium (1999)

8 July 2009, dusan

“Marshall McLuhan died on the last day of 1980, on the doorstep of the personal computer revolution. Yet McLuhan’s ideas, developed in the 1950s, ’60s and ’70s, presaged a world of media in motion, and its impact on our lives on the dawn of the new millennium. McLuhan’s phrase, “the medium is the message” is his best known and most misunderstood concept. Paul Levinson presents the accuracy of McLuhan’s thinking unavailable while he was alive, and shows him as a man struggling to communicate in an electronic pattern via the straightjacket of paper. Levinson also examines why McLuhan’s theories about media are more important to us today than when they were first written, and why the Wired generation is now turning to McLuhan’s work to understand the global village in the digital age. By exploring the technological influence in industries from publishing to politics, entertainment to business, McLuhan opened the doors for understanding the human relationship with technology. Levinson’s own exploration of McLuhan’s significance in the new electronic generation clarifies the prophetic insights, principles and constructs in McLuhan’s work.”

Publisher Routledge, 1999
ISBN 041519251X, 9780415192514
226 pages

Keywords and phrases: personal computer, theremin, rear-view mirror, Marshall McLuhan, tetrad, Connected Education, Neil Postman, RealAudio, mass media, CP/M, Communications Decency Act, global village, Media Ecology, Internet, Gutenberg Galaxy, Paul Levinson, voyeurs, Eric McLuhan, Kaypro, RealVideo.


PDF (updated on 2021-1-7)

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  1. Yi on January 6, 2021 8:41 pm

    Do you think you might be able at all to reupload the PDF of Paul Levinson’s Digital McLuhan? Thanks.

  2. Yi on January 6, 2021 8:44 pm

    Well, actually I found it online on another site!

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