Alexander Galloway: French Theory Today: An Introduction to Possible Futures (2011)

27 April 2012, dusan

“This set of five pamphlets documents a seminar given recently by Alexander R. Galloway at the Public School New York, a self-organizing educational program where class ideas are generated by the public. French Theory Today explores a new generation of French voices—Catherine Malabou, Bernard Stiegler, Mehdi Belhaj Kacem, Quentin Meillassoux, and François Laruelle—whose work has, to varying degrees, only recently emerged in the English-speaking world. Each night of the seminar consisted of a lecture followed by questions from and discussion with class participants. As Galloway suggests in the online class proposal, the goal was ‘not to set in aspic a new canon for French philosophy, but to proceed inductively, tracing some recent experiments and possible futures.'”

Pamphlet 1 | Catherine Malabou, or The Commerce in Being
Pamphlet 2 | Bernard Stiegler, or Our Thoughts are With Control
Pamphlet 3 | Mehdi Belhaj Kacem, or Unworkability
Pamphlet 4 | Quentin Meillassoux, or The Great Outdoors
Pamphlet 5 | François Laruelle, or The Secret

Each pamphlet includes the texts of the lectures, plus transcriptions of the Q&A, as well as special responses and contributions from Nicola Masciandaro, Eugene Thacker, Dominic Pettman, Jackson Moore, Stephen Squibb, Prudence Whittlesey, Taeyoon Choi, and David Horvitz.

Publisher The Public School New York/Erudio Editions



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