Stefan Krappitz: Troll Culture: A Comprehensive Guide (2012)

30 May 2012, dusan

Trolling is a art!

Sadly, most authors don‘t recognize the beautiful side of trolling and describe trolls as bored teenagers or fat unemployed basement dwellers. While this may be true in some cases, other trolls are just normal people that see the Internet as a playground or a canvas.

Troll Culture shows the history of trolling and aims to draw a new differenciated picture of trolling as a constant part of internet culture that has ugly, but also lots of beautiful sides to it. It gives instructions on both how to defend from trolls and on how to become a good troll yourself. In the end it also explains trolling as a memetic concept, that has spread virally all over the Internet.

Diplomarbeit (not Master thesis as stated earlier, fixed on 2012-6-4 after ???)
Neue Medien, Merz Akademie, Hochschule für Gestaltung, Kunst und Medien, Stuttgart, 2011/2012
Supervisor: Prof. Olia Lialina
134 pages
via Marcell

conversation with the author (Matei Samihaian, Pool)


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One Response to “Stefan Krappitz: Troll Culture: A Comprehensive Guide (2012)”

  1. Stefan Krappitz on June 4, 2012 9:35 am

    Also availible as a printed book for more $WAG!!

    However, apart from some bonus content, the text itself is availible online for free. Spread the word!

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