China: the Sonic Avant-Garde, 1-2 (2005-2006) [Chinese]

7 June 2012, dusan

“This not-to-be-missed webzine about Chinese sound art is the endeavor by some of the key figures of the scene (sic, XU Cheng, etc.).

The first issue features a long interview of Dajuin Yao, the most important driving force/entrepreneur of Chinese new music, a must-read Autechre interview translated from Japanese (originally published on the Japanese magazine FADE) by Taiwan sound artist Wolfenstein, tips on field-recording by WANG Changcun and Dajuin Yao, and LI Jianhong, Ronez’s account of their latest albums.

The design job was done by XU Cheng, who’s also a designer and is responsible for artworks of many Chinese experimental releases.” (via Lawrence R.Y. LI’s blog Global Noise Offline)

Editorial staff: CHEN Wei, XU Cheng, ZHANG Liming

Publisher (from Internet Archive)

Issue 1 (updated on 2017-11-29)
Issue 2 (updated on 2017-11-29)

2 Responses to “China: the Sonic Avant-Garde, 1-2 (2005-2006) [Chinese]”

  1. Pol on June 7, 2012 10:15 pm

    Heads up: these pdfs are entirely in Chinese. They are still wonderful to peruse from a design standpoint!

  2. 陈维 (Ed.) – CSA: 中国声音前线 | on January 19, 2015 3:29 pm

    […] occasion of the two issues of CSA being uploaded on Monoskop, Yao Dajun has recently posted on Weibo a recollection of his […]

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