R. Buckminster Fuller: No More Secondhand God and Other Writings (1963/1971)

26 October 2012, dusan

These prose pieces and prose-poem essays show the development of the thinking of R. Buckminster Fuller, the world-famous inventor of the Geodesic dome. Fuller himself aptly describes these pieces as “mental mouthfuls and ventilated prose.” The title poem No More Secondhand God, written in 1940, proposes practical means for daily or hourly telephone voting by democracy. In another prose-poem Fuller formulates his “comprehensive anticipatory design science.” Each of the pieces in this book is an adventure for the mind; each “generates sublimity of those poetical moments of man’s fleeting glimpses of the omniscient.”

Originally published by Southern Illinois University Press, 1963
Publisher Anchor Books, New York, 1971
145 pages

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PDF (no OCR)

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