Gabriel Tarde: Social Laws: An Outline of Sociology (1898-) [FR, EN, CZ, SR]

14 February 2013, dusan

This early work, originally published in 1899, contains the leading ideas of one of the most authoritative and distinguished writers in sociology and social psychology at the turn of the last century. Gabriel Tarde here outlines his three principal works on general sociology and the internal bond that unites them. A fascinating read for any sociologist, amateur or professional alike.

English edition
Translated by Howard C. Warren
With a Preface by James Mark Baldwin
First published in New York, 1899
Publisher Batoche Books, Kitchener, 2000
98 pages

Les Lois sociales. Esquisse d’une sociologie (French, 1898, other formats)
Social Laws: An Outline of Sociology (English, trans. Howard C. Warren, 1899/2000, other formats)
Zákony sociální: Nástin sociologie (Czech, trans. Břetislav Kalandra, 1901)
Socijalni zakoni: skica za jednu sociologiju (Serbian, trans. Vladimir Novosel, 2011, other formats)

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