Susan Buck-Morss: Hegel, Haiti, and Universal History (2000–) [English, Spanish]

8 May 2013, dusan

“In this path-breaking work, Susan Buck-Morss draws new connections between history, inequality, social conflict, and human emancipation. Hegel, Haiti, and Universal History offers a fundamental reinterpretation of Hegel’s master-slave dialectic and points to a way forward to free critical theoretical practice from the prison-house of its own debates. Historicizing the thought of Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel and the actions taken in the Haitian Revolution, Buck-Morss examines the startling connections between the two and challenges us to widen the boundaries of our historical imagination. She finds that it is in the discontinuities of historical flow, the edges of human experience, and the unexpected linkages between cultures that the possibility to transcend limits is discovered. It is these flashes of clarity that open the potential for understanding in spite of cultural differences. What Buck-Morss proposes amounts to a ‘new humanism’, one that goes beyond the usual ideological implications of such a phrase to embrace a radical neutrality that insists on the permeability of the space between opposing sides and as it reaches for a common humanity.”

English edition
Publisher University of Pittsburgh Press, 2009
ISBN 0822973340, 9780822973348
164 pages


Hegel and Haiti (English, paper, Critical Inquiry, 2000, updated on 2019-12-3)
Hegel y Haití: La dialéctica amo-esclavo, una interpretación revolucionaria (Spanish, book, trans. Fermín Rodríguez, 2005)
Hegel, Haiti, and Universal History (English, book, 2009, updated on 2019-12-3)

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