László Moholy-Nagy: Von Material zu Architektur (1929–) [DE, EN]

5 August 2013, dusan

László Moholy-Nagy coined the term “the New Vision” for his belief that photography could create a whole new way of seeing the outside world that the human eye could not. His theory of art and teaching is summed up in this book.

Publisher Albert Langen, Munich, 1929
Bauhausbücher series, 14
241 pages

Facsimile reprint
Edited by Hans M. Wingler
Publisher Florian Kupferberg, Mainz and Berlin, 1968
Neue Bauhausbücher series
ISBN 3786114668, 9783786114666
251 pages
via Di Tutiya

English edition
Translated by Daphne M. Hoffman
First published as The New Vision: From Material to Architecture, Breuer Warren and Putnam, New York, 1930
Expanded and revised edition as The New Vision and Abstract of an Artist
Publisher George Wittenborn, New York, 1947
92 pages

Von Material zu Architektur (German, 1929, PDF, JPG, in Heidelberg U Library, added on 2019-7-7)
Von Material zu Architektur (German, facs.repr., 1929/1968, 21 MB, no OCR)
The New Vision and Abstract of an Artist (English, 1930/1947, 10 MB, no OCR, added on 2015-2-5)

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