Bertolt Brecht: Stories of Mr. Keuner (1949–) [DE, EN, GR]

25 September 2013, dusan

Bertolt Brecht’s Stories of Mr. Keuner is a collection of fables, aphorisms, and comments on politics, everyday life, and exile. From 1930 til his death in 1956, Brecht penned these ironic portraits of his times as he was “changing countries more often than shoes.” An ardent antifascist, Brecht roamed across Europe just ahead of Hitler’s armies-only to wind up poolside in Los Angeles and then interrogated by Senator Joe McCarthy’s infamous committee.

German edition
First published in Kalendergeschichten, 1949
Publisher of a book-length edition: Suhrkamp, 1971
108 pages

English edition
First published in Tales from the Calendar, translated by Yvonne Kapp and Michael Hamburger, 1961
New edition translated by Martin Chalmers
Publisher City Lights Publishers, San Francisco, 2001
ISBN 0872863832, 9780872863835
120 pages

Publisher (EN)

Geschichten vom Herrn Keuner (German, from Kalendergeschichten, pp 113-126, 1949)
Anecdotes of Mr Keuner (English, from Tales from the Calendar, pp 110-124, trans. Yvonne Kapp and Michael Hamburger, 1961)
Geschichten vom Herrn Keuner (German, 1971, reformatted PDF)
Ιστορίες του κ. Κόυνερ: Η διαλεκτική σαν τρόπος ζωής (Greek, trans. Petros Markaris, 1991)
Stories of Mr. Keuner (English, trans. Martin Chalmers, 2001, Chalmer’s Afterword is missing, no OCR)

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