Theory, Culture & Society 30 (6), Special Issue: Cultural Techniques (2013)

29 October 2013, dusan

“This special issue is dedicated to Kulturtechniken (‘cultural techniques’), one of the most interesting and fertile concepts to have emerged in German cultural theory over the last decades. Our goal was to compile a collection that can serve as both archive and toolbox. For readers with a more historically-oriented interest in the multilayered past of the concept, we included important earlier proposals to define Kulturtechniken as well as more recent attempts to (re)write the history of the concept in light of current theory debates. For those more concerned with possible applications and implications, we encouraged contributors to apply their particular understanding of Kulturtechniken to new, sometimes unexpected, domains – from servants and swarms all the way to the basic reconfiguration of our understanding of time and machinic temporality. We are, in short, interested in unfolding the concept and probing its use value. Our two guiding questions are: What are cultural techniques? And what can be done with the concept?” (from the introduction)

Edited by Geoffrey Winthrop-Young, Ilinca Iurascu and Jussi Parikka
Publisher Sage, November 2013
ISSN 0263-2764
172 pages

Cultural techniques at Monoskop wiki (with source bibliography)


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