De Stijl magazine (1917-1921) [Dutch]

22 July 2011, dusan

De Stijl, Dutch for “The Style”, also known as neoplasticism, was a Dutch artistic movement founded in 1917. In a narrower sense, the term De Stijl is used to refer to a body of work from 1917 to 1931 founded in the Netherlands. De Stijl is also the name of a journal that was published by the Dutch painter, designer, writer, and critic Theo van Doesburg (1883–1931), propagating the group’s theories. Though the magazine never sold more than 300 copies, it had a strong influence on art in the Netherlands and abroad.

De Stijl: Maanblad gewijd aan de moderne beeldende vakken en kultuur
Edited by Theo van Doesburg
Published in Delft (1917-18) and Leiden (1918-21)

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