Stefano Piselli, Riccardo Morrocchi (eds.): Psychopathia Sexualis in Italian Sinema, 1968-1972 (2004) [English/Italian]

25 May 2014, dusan

Franco the libertine, Ella the nymphomaniac, Gilberto the mad sadist, Sayer the aesthete sadist, Mary the homicidal mantis, Ahmed the debauched, X. the vicious politician, X. the fanatic and moralist judge, Kay the sexually dissatisfied, the mysterious Greta, Diana the arrogant mistress and her black servant Janita, Santino the foot fetichist, the psychopatic Dr. Lyutak, the submissive Marcia, the refined Lesbians Paula and Mudy, Silvia the happy masochist… These are the eccentric characters enliving the stories of this anthology of Italian movies from the so-called Sexual Revolution, featured in the form of “cineromanzo”. Krafft-Ebing’s theories, Sade’s fantasies, Freud’s analyses in a mix of sequences chosen from rare Italian magazines of the 1970s.

Publisher Glittering Images, Firenze, 2004
ISBN 8882750477
104 pages


PDF (21 MB)
See also Bizarre Sinema! Jess Franco. El sexo del horror, 1999. (in English/Italian, 30 MB, no OCR)

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