Henri Lefebvre: Rhythmanalysis: Space, Time, and Everyday Life (1992/2004)

4 September 2010, dusan

Rhythmanalysis displays all the characteristics which made Lefebvre one of the most important Marxist thinkers of the twentieth century. In the analysis of rhythms — both biological and social — Lefebvre shows the interrelation of space and time in the understanding of everyday life. With dazzling skills, Lefebvre moves between discussions of music, the commodity, measurement, the media and the city. In doing so he shows how a non-linear conception of time and history balanced his famous rethinking of the question of space. This volume also includes his earlier essays on ‘The Rhythmanalysis Project’ and ‘Attempt at the Rhythmanalysis of Mediterranean Towns’.”

First published as Éléments de rythmnanalyse, Syllepse, Paris, 1992.

Translated by Stuart Elden and Gerald Moore
With an Introduction by Stuart Elden
Publisher Continuum, 2004
Athlone Contemporary European Thinkers series
ISBN 0826472990, 9780826472991
112 pages

Reviews and commentaries: Guillerm (L Homme et la société, 1992, FR), Horton (Time & Society, 2005), Revol (Rhuthmos, 2012).


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