Jimmie Durham: A Certain Lack of Coherence: Writings on Art and Cultural Politics (1993)

22 October 2014, dusan

A collection of writings by the American Indian Movement activist, poet and contemporary artist.

“In 50 articles, reviews, polemics and poems, Durham attacks the bases of the US nation-state, its cowboys’n’indians foundation myths, its commercialisation of Indian wisdom, and the very impossibility of speaking about the Indian experience in English. For a people so massively colonised, victims of an ongoing genocide, art is no luxury. It is the necessarily tricky, duplicitous practice of the Coyote, revealing over and over again the ignorance of power and celebrating its own escapades and escapes.” (from a review by Sean Cubitt, Frieze, 1994)

Edited by Jean Fisher
Publisher Kala Press, London, 1993
ISBN 0947753044, 9780947753047
255 pages
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Review: Tony Godfrey (Art Book 1994).


PDF (15 MB, no OCR)

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