Computational Culture, a Journal of Software Studies, Issue Four (2014)

10 November 2014, dusan

“What marks much of the work presented in this issue of Computational Culture is its endeavour to pay more analytically precise attention to socio-technical formatting of the present, based on a common assumption that the specificities of computational forms are fundamentally constitutive of that present.” (from the Editorial)

With articles by Paul Dourish, Irina Kaldrack and Theo Röhle, Benjamin Grosser, Dennis Tenen and Maxwell Foxman, Alex Taylor, Jasmin Fisher, Byron Cook, Samin Ishtiaq; comments by Geert Lovink, Mark Marino; and a review section.

Editorial group: Matthew Fuller, Andrew Goffey, Olga Goriunova, Graham Harwood, Adrian Mackenzie
Published in November 2014
Open Access
ISSN 2047-2390


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