Kathy Acker: Empire of the Senseless. A Novel (1988)

13 March 2015, dusan

“Set in the near future, in a Paris devastated by revolution and disease, Empire of the Senseless is narrated by two terrorists and occasional lovers, Thivai, a pirate, and Abhor, part robot and part human. Together and apart, the two undertake an odyssey of carnage, a holocaust of the erotic. ‘An elegy for the world of our fathers,’ as Kathy Acker calls it, where the terrorists and the wretched of the earth are in command, marching down a road charted by Genet to a Marseillaise composed by Sade.” (from the back cover)

Publisher Grove Press, New York, 1988
ISBN 0802110797
227 pages

Commentary: Peter Wollen (London Review of Books, 1998).


PDF (18 MB, no OCR)

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