Michael Löwy: Morning Star: Surrealism, Marxism, Anarchism, Situationism, Utopia (2000–) [BR-PT, EN]

19 October 2010, dusan

“This work collects the author’s essays on the ways in which surrealism intersected with a variety of revolutionary political approaches, ranging from utopian ideals to Marxism and situationism. Taking its title from André Breton’s essay “Arcane 17,” which casts the star as the searing firebrand of rebellion, Löwy’s provocative work spans many perspectives. These include surrealist artists who were deeply interested in Marxism and anarchism (Breton among them), as well as Marxists who were deeply interested in surrealism (Walter Benjamin in particular).

Probing the dialectics of innovation, diversity, continuity, and unity throughout surrealism’s international presence, Morning Star also incorporates analyses of Claude Cahun, Guy Debord, Pierre Naville, José Carlos Mariátegui and others, accompanied by numerous reproductions of surrealist art. An extraordinarily rich collection, Morning Star promises to ignite new dialogues regarding the very nature of dissent.”

Previously published in part as L’Étoile du matin: surréalisme et marxisme, Éditions Syllepse, 2000.

English edition
Introduction by Donald LaCoss
Publisher University of Texas Press, 2009
Surrealist Revolution series
ISBN 0292718942, 9780292718944
142 pages


A estrel da manhã: surrealismo e marxismo (Brazilian Portuguese, trans. Eliana Aguiar, 2002, added on 2019-2-11)
Morning Star: Surrealism, Marxism, Anarchism, Situationism, Utopia (9 MB, updated on 2019-2-11)

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