Seth Price: Dispersion (2002–) [EN, ES, BAQ, FR, IT, PL]

29 October 2010, dusan

“A provocative essay in which artist Seth Price examines the classical model of conceptualism, calling for a new public art, and arguing for less of a rupture between artistic interventions and distributed media.”

“This work bears a deep debt to numerous conversations with Bettina Funcke… Without her ideas and inspiration it would not exist.”

First published in 2002
Publisher 38th Street Publishers, New York, 2008
[14] pages


Dispersion (English, 2003, added on 2017-2-1)
Dispersion (English, 2008 facsimile of 2002 booklet, updated on 2012-8-14, PDF)
Dispersion (Spanish, text only, PDF)
Dispersion/Sakabanatzea (Basque, text only, PDF)
Dispersion (French, added on 2016-6-6, PDF)
Dispersion (Italian, added on 2016-6-6, PDF)
Dispersion/Rozproszenie (Polish, trans. Marcin Czerkasow, added on 2016-6-6, PDF)

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