Temporary Services: Publishing in the Realm of Plant Fibers and Electrons (2014)

14 September 2019, dusan

“This is an idiosyncratic guide to self-publishing. We think that self-publishers should craft their own hybrid publishing and distribution solutions. This booklet, we hope, is an aide for those curious about the process and who may want to start doing their own publishing.

Temporary Services has been actively thinking about, making, talking about, selling, and giving away publications for over 16 years. We have written or said things in interviews and lectures about our publishing, but we have never sat down to craft a long-form essay about our efforts and where they fit in the larger world of artist books, artist publishing and book making. This booklet is an attempt to articulate our ideas about publishing, particularly in light of the current post-digital environment.”

Illustrations by Kione Kochi
Publisher Temporary Services, Chicago, Sep 2014
32 pages



David Blamey, Brad Haylock (eds.): Distributed (2018)

22 June 2018, dusan

“The power of knowledge lies not only in generating ideas, but also in controlling their dispersion. For those who would seek to influence others, the dissemination of ideas is paramount. For those looking to protect the fruits of intellectual labor for reasons of profit or ethics, distribution is something to control. Either way, distribution is a key concern across the spectrum of cultural production, particularly at a time when digital networks have facilitated an unprecedented access to audiences.

Bringing together contributors from a variety of backgrounds, Distributed presents the act of distribution as a subject of significant social and economic importance and argues that it merits serious creative consideration. From the attention-seeking impulse of the “influencer” to the democratization of art via books, performances, videos or sound, the increased urge to disseminate is explored here as an elemental phenomenon of our time.”

Texts by Ahmed Ansari, Stuart Bertolotti-Bailey, Justin Clemens, Alex Coles, Jonathan Lindley, Neil Cummings, Arnaud Desjardin, Markus Miessen, Sean Dockray & Benjamin Forster, Billie Muraben, Patricia Reed, Adrian Shaughnessy, Freek Lomme, Eva Weinmayr, et al.

Publisher Open Editions, London, 2018
ISBN 9780949004093
252 pages



Seth Price: Dispersion (2002–) [EN, ES, BAQ, FR, IT, PL]

29 October 2010, dusan

“A provocative essay in which artist Seth Price examines the classical model of conceptualism, calling for a new public art, and arguing for less of a rupture between artistic interventions and distributed media.”

“This work bears a deep debt to numerous conversations with Bettina Funcke… Without her ideas and inspiration it would not exist.”

First published in 2002
Publisher 38th Street Publishers, New York, 2008
[14] pages


Dispersion (English, 2003, added on 2017-2-1)
Dispersion (English, 2008 facsimile of 2002 booklet, updated on 2012-8-14, PDF)
Dispersion (Spanish, text only, PDF)
Dispersion/Sakabanatzea (Basque, text only, PDF)
Dispersion (French, added on 2016-6-6, PDF)
Dispersion (Italian, added on 2016-6-6, PDF)
Dispersion/Rozproszenie (Polish, trans. Marcin Czerkasow, added on 2016-6-6, PDF)