Mario Hibert: Digitalni odrast i postdigitalna dobra: kritičko bibliotekarstvo, disruptivni mediji i taktičko obrazovanje (2018) [Croatian]

20 October 2018, dusan

“Knjiga tematizira ideje kritičkog bibliotekarstva, specifičan oblik profesionalne kulture zasnovan na konceptu društvene odgovornosti. Propitivanjem kredibiliteta javne misije bibliotekarstva u umreženom društvu podcrtana je važnost kritičke medijske pismenosti posebice kritičkih studija Interneta. Poseban akcenat je stavljen na aspekte informacijske i komunikacijske komodifikacije, artikulaciju epistemoloških i političkih prijepora podatkovnog društva (datafied society) kao i upravljanje digitalnim zajedničkim dobrom koje u svjetlu teorije odrasta (degrowth) bibliotekarstvu nudi konstruktivni imaginarij za socijalnu reorganizaciju tehnologije. ”

Publisher Multimedia Institute & Institut za političku ekologiju, Zagreb, September 2018
Basic series
ISBN 9789537372484, 9789535893868
152 pages

PDF (updated on 2018-12-10 to a newer version with minor changes)

Martin Conrads, Franziska Morlok (eds.): War postdigital besser? (2014) [German/English]

21 December 2015, dusan

“The book War postdigital besser? [Was post-digital better?] originates from a course at the Berlin University of the Arts’ Visual Communication department entitled Postdigital ist besser which was composed around the relationship between the physical and the digital in book making. War postdigital besser? documents the respective works by the around 20 students but also takes a step further by posing this exact question to five selected authors from the fields of media studies and design: Manuel Bürger, Jan Distelmeyer, Nina Franz, Clemens Jahn and Verena Kuni.

The book also contains a foreword by the editors and a transcription of a podium discussion (with Danny Aldred, Kristoffer Gansing, and Siegfried Zielinski) which took place at the opening of an exhibition with the students’ works at the Berlin University of the Arts’ designtransfer gallery in April 2013.

Printed versions of the book contain a used 3,5-inch disk with unknown content. Those disks are also the main (and only) cover design of the book.”

Publisher Revolver Publishing, Berlin, 2014
ISBN 3957630045, 9783957630049
144 pages
Out of print

Interview with editors (Silvio Lorusso, P-DPA, 2014)


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NUPoD: Print on Demand Poetry: Making Books After the Internet (2015)

30 October 2015, dusan

“This course operates at the intersection of creative writing, media theory, and the history of the book. Since the written word overtook the Homeric epic poem as a kind of communal Wikipedia, poetry has been less about communicating information and more about lyric expression. Recently, digital technologies have been seen to present this same challenge to the book. Like poetry, we might say that the book isn’t dead, it has simply lost its claim as the primary source of information. Over the last two decades, some of the most interesting works of art and poetry have turned to the book in both form and content, as both inspiration and fallen idol. It has never been easier for writers to publish, not just on Twitter and Facebook, but across a range of Print on Demand (POD) platforms for the printed book. This course examines recent works of poetry alongside new developments in print technologies. From Seth Siegelaub’s The Xerox Book (1968) to new works of POD poetry published throughout the quarter (TBA, 2015), we will study the emergence of innovative forms of writing the book under the influence of digital networks.”

Daniel Scott Snelson, Northwestern University, Fall Quarter, 2015
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