ulm: Journal of the Ulm School for Design, 1–21 (1958–68) [EN/DE/FR]

21 June 2015, dusan

ulm was a quarterly published from 1958–1968 in 14 issues (21 numbers). This international journal provided a comprehensive account of the theoretical, rational and practical curriculum at one of Europe’s most influential design schools since the Bauhaus. Co-founded by Inge Aicher-Scholl, Otl Aicher and Max Bill, the HfG opened in 1953 (officially in 1955) and closed in 1968. Although the journal’s editorial staff changed over the years, primary figures included: Tomás Maldonado, Hanno Kesting, Gui Bonsiepe and Renate Kietzmann. The first 5 issues were published in English, French and German and subsequent issues in English and German.

via René Spitz


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