Art Journal 42(2): Words and Wordworks (1982)

13 January 2016, dusan

Special issue of the journal, devoted to “works of visual artists who work with words.”

With contributions from Tony Rickaby, Howardena Pindell, Sol LeWitt, Art & Language and the Red Crayola, Davi Det Hompson, Daniel Buren, Iain Baxter, John Fekner, Ian Breakwel, Henry A. Flynt, Jr., Lawrence Weiner, Ben, Guerilla Art Action Group, Les Levine, Jenny Holzer, John Baldessari, and Hans Haacke.

Edited by Clive Phillpot
Publisher College Art Association of America, Summer 1982
ISSN 0004-3249
48 pages

PDF (4 MB)

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