TV ARTS TV: The Television Shot by Artists (2010)

5 March 2016, dusan

Catalogue of the exhibition held at Arts Santa Mònica, Barcelona, Oct. 15-Dec. 5, 2010.

TV Arts TV explores the relationship between art and television, from the 1960s to the present, and how artists from around the world have approached this powerful medium, how they have aspired to transform it, and how they have imagined other uses for it. The exhibition brings together pieces (single-channel videos and installations), experiences (direct accounts by the people involved) and reflections (documents, texts, projects) representing and explaining utopias and dystopias, the fascinating and aggressive sides to the mythical TV set.”

With texts by Valentina Valentini, Jean-Paul Fargier, Barbara London, Gaia Casagrande, Barbara Goretti, Iván Marino, Antoni Mercader, Giulia Palladini, Marco Senaldi, Vito Acconci, Judith Barry, Gary Hill, Dan Graham, Antoni Muntadas, and Nam June Paik.

Edited by Valentina Valentini
Publisher La Fábrica, Madrid, and Arts Santa Mònica, Barcelona, 2010
ISBN 8492841605, 9788492841608
160 pages
via Valentina Valentini


PDF (34 MB)

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