Asger Jorn: Pour la forme. Ébauche d’une méthodologie des arts (1957/2001) [French, English]

25 June 2016, dusan

Pour la forme was one of the first projects of the newly formed Situationist International. The publication collected texts of Asger Jorn from the immediately preceding period. As Jorn explained in his introductory “Notice,” the texts collected in that book reflected the evolution of his experiments and encounters among radical avant-garde currents following the dissolution of the Cobra group (1948-1951) and leading up to the formation of the SI in 1957.

Guy Debord: Dix années d’art expérimental: Jorn et son rôle dans l’invention théoretique, 7
Avertissement, 10-11
Image et forme, 11-24
Contre le functionalisme, 25-33
Forme et structure, 34-47
Misère et merveille, 48-56
Structure et changement, 57-70
Charme et mécanique, 71-92
Les Situationnistes et l’automation, 93-95
Mouvement et forme, 96-114
Forme et signification, 115-138
Sortie, 142-157

Four texts (plus “Notice”) from the book were translated from the French by Ken Knabb for a comprehensive English-language collection of Jorn’s writings: Fraternité Avant Tout: Asger Jorn’s Writings on Art and Architecture, 1938-1958 (010 Publishers, Rotterdam, 2011, edited by Ruth Baumeister).

First published by Internationale situationniste, Paris, 1957.

This edition
Preface by Guy Debord
Publisher Allia, Paris, 2001
ISBN 2844850723
157 pages
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PDF (29 MB)
4 + 1 texts in English (trans. Ken Knabb, 2011, HTML)

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