Decoding the Chinese Internet: A Glossary of Political Slang, 3rd ed (2015)

6 December 2016, dusan

“China Digital Times maintains a wiki of subversive Chinese Internet language, an essential element of China’s “resistance discourse” which counters state propaganda. This Grass-Mud Horse Lexicon is named after the unofficial mascot of Chinese netizenry, an alpaca whose name sounds nearly the same as a serious profanity. The Lexicon contains hundreds of terms and since 2013 the most time-tested and ubiquitous ones have been compiled into ebook glossaries.

This third edition of Decoding the Chinese Internet includes new coinages and iconic turns of phrase. Organized by broad categories, it guides readers through the raucous world of China’s online resistance discourse. Students of Mandarin will gain insight into word play and learn terms that are key to understanding Chinese Internet language. But no knowledge of Chinese is needed to appreciate the creative leaps netizens make in order to keep talking.”

First published in 2013

Third edition
Introduction by Xiao Qiang and Perry Link
Publisher China Digital Times, June 2015
Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0 International License
ISBN 9780989824347
69 pages
HT amy

Commentary: Washington Post (2015), Public Radio International (2015).


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