Ephemera, 1-12 (1977-78)

21 December 2016, dusan

Ephemera: a monthly journal of mail and ephemeral works was an artists’ magazine edited by Ulises Carrión, Aart van Barneveld and Salvador Flores, and published in 12 numbers by Other Books and So, Amsterdam, between 1977-78. Ephemera published contributions that the editors received daily through the international network of mail art. The magazine is a key example of the ‘assembling’ genre of mail art: compilation-style publications that emphasize the networked nature of mail art within their production process. As Guy Schraenen writes, Ephemera testifies to Carrión’s idea of mail art as a “cultural strategy” that rejects notions of subjectivity and authorship, “revealing an immense diversity in the aesthetics, conception, and geographical origins of the works”. (More)

Publisher Other Books and So, Amsterdam, 1977-78
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