Culture Machine, 12: The Digital Humanities: Beyond Computing (2011)

26 February 2011, dusan

“The field of the digital humanities embraces various scholarly activities in the humanities that involve writing about digital media and technology as well as being engaged in digital media production. Perhaps most notably, in what some are describing as a ‘computational turn’, it has seen techniques and methods drawn from computer science being used to produce new ways of understanding and approaching humanities texts. But just as interesting as what computer science has to offer the humanities is the question of what the humanities have to offer computer science. Do the humanities really need to draw so heavily on computer science to develop their sense of what the digital humanities might be? These are just some of the issues that are explored in this special issue of Culture Machine.”

Edited by Federica Frabetti
Publisher Open Humanities Press, 2011
Open Access
ISSN 1465-4121

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