Tom Johnson: Imaginary Music (1974/2001)

10 December 2020, dusan

“104 drawings with music notation symbols, many of which have been reprinted in magazines and as program covers. Perhaps the best known is the Celestial Music for Imaginary Trumpets, which ascends 103 ledger lines above the treble clef. Originally published in English only, a fourth printing of the volume was published in 2001 with titles in English and Spanish.”

Publisher Two-Eighteen Press, Carmel, NY, 1974
This edition by Editions 75, Paris, 2001
ISBN 0938690000, 9780938690009
104 pages

Interview with author: Bernard Girard (Contemporary Music Review, 2011/2020).



One Response to “Tom Johnson: Imaginary Music (1974/2001)”

  1. Michael J McEvoy on April 5, 2021 11:03 am

    I love these beautiful, playful images. I can ‘hear’ the music behind the pen…

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