Georg Flachbart, Peter Weibel (eds.): Disappearing Architecture: From Real to Virtual to Quantum (2005)

21 June 2009, dusan

“The creation of new environments through the use of developments in Information Technology is significantly altering not only architecture itself but also the roles and tasks of the architects. Architecture can no longer be described in the terms we are familiar with since it no longer corresponds to the form of architecture as we know it: an inclusive and exclusive structure, clearly defined, with a single interior and a single exterior. For architects, the challenge of the future will increasingly lie in creatively coming to terms with hybrid environments, understanding and exploiting the design potential of digital spaces within the physical world, and redefining the role of architecture within a visually dominated culture. This volume presents a valuable and attractive contribution to the contemporary discussion on this subject.”

Publisher Springer, 2005
ISBN 3764372753, 9783764372750
272 pages

Key words and phrases
qubit, quantum computing, Mixed Reality, Utility Fog, Point Cloud, Smart Dust, autonomic computing, active world, Grid computing, computer-aided design, quantum mechanics, Virtools, multiverse, Monika Fleischmann, Wolfgang Strauss, peer-to-peer, Shor’s algorithm, LHC Computing Grid, quantum dots, Ubiquitous Computing

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