Ivan Illich: Deschooling Society (1971–) [EN, FR, DE, ES, BR-PT, GR, TR, PL]

24 June 2009, dusan

“Critical discourse on education as practised in ‘modern’ economies. Full of detail on then-current programs and concerns, the book’s core assertions and propositions remain as radical today as they were at the time. Giving real-world examples of the ineffectual nature of institutionalized education, Illich posited self-directed education, supported by intentional social relations, in fluid, informal arrangements. The book is more than a critique — it contains positive suggestions for a reinvention of learning throughout society and throughout every individual lifetime. Particularly striking is his call for the use of advanced technology to support ‘learning webs’.”

Publisher Marion Boyars, London, 1971
ISBN 0714508799, 9780714508795
116 pages

Keywords and phrases
hidden curriculum, Cuernavaca, educational vouchers, profes, Latin America, regressive taxation, CIDOC, Epimetheus, Dennis Sullivan, Paulo Freire, Thomas Kuhn, propositional logic, Aristotle, Puerto Rico, Pandora, nomic, body count, underconsumption

Commentary: Bob Corbett.


Deschooling Society (English, 1971, updated on 2012-7-8; PDF (2), HTML)
Une société sans école (French, trans. Gérard Durand, 1971/2015, EPUB, added on 2019-10-1)
Die Entschulung der Gesellschaft. Entwurf eines demokratischen Bildungssystems (German, trans. Helmut Lindemann, 1973, added on 2019-10-1)
La sociedad desescolarizada (Spanish, trans. Gerardo Espinosa, 1973/1985, added on 2019-10-1)
Sociedade sem escolas (BR-Portuguese, 7th ed., trans. Lúcia Mathilde Endlich Orth, 1973/1985, added on 2019-10-1)
Κοινωνία χωρίς σχολεία (Greek, trans. Vasilis Antonopoulos, 1976, added on 2019-10-1)
Okulsuz Toplum (Turkish, trans. Celal Öner, 2006, added on 2019-10-1)
Odszkolnić społeczeństwo (Polish, trans. Łukasz Mojsak, 2010, 50 MB, added on 2019-10-1)

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