Occupy! An OWS-Inspired Gazette, 2-3 (2011)

24 December 2011, dusan

“Published on November 14, at the beginning of the national wave of evictions, the second Occupy Gazette! completes our history of the first phase of the movement. Articles document the Oakland raid and general strike, emergence of the spokes council, and last days of the Zuccotti Park occupation, and address questions related to homelessness, police relations, and nonviolence, and more.

Published on December 15, the third issue of the Occupy! Gazette is the latest in the series. It describes and re-imagines the movement after the end of the occupations as well as looks to the archives for models. Articles follow student activism from CUNY to Berkeley, cover the Oakland port shutdown, consider the legacies of ACT-UP, the Greenham Common occupation, and autonomia—and more.”

Edited by Astra Taylor, Eli Schmitt, Nikil Saval, Kathleen Ross, Sarah Resnick, Sarah Leonard, Mark Greif, Keith Gessen, and Carla Blumenkranz
Publisher n+1, New York, November and December 2011
2x 40 pages

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Issue 2 (updated on 2017-12-2)
Issue 3 (updated on 2017-12-2)

See also Issue 1.

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