Vincent Mosco: The Political Economy of Communication, 2nd ed (1996/2009)

11 January 2012, dusan

The Political Economy of Communication provides a thorough coverage of an important area of communication studies: the political economy approach to media.

This highly successful text has been thoroughly updated, restructured and rewritten in this new edition, clearly demonstrating how power operates across all media, from newspapers to Facebook, and how media power intersects with globalization, social class, race, gender and surveillance.

– Provides a summary of the field of political economy, looking at its history and major schools of thought
– Highlights the work of key figures and differences that established the divide between economics and political economy
– Explains the necessity of media students to understand the general political economy tradition and the way in which it informs the political economy of communication
– Addresses the interdisciplinary nature of the field, with its links to economics, geography and sociology, and cultural and policy studies

This book offers a unique overview of the field of political economy of communication and will be of use to upper level undergraduate and graduate students of media and communication.

Publisher Sage Publications, 2009
ISBN 1412947006, 9781412947008
268 pages

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