Marta De Gonzalo, Publio Pérez Prieto: The Intention (2008)

18 February 2012, dusan

The Intention is an artistic and didactic project on education and audiovisual literacy. From the very start, it wasn’t conceived as a project with a closed final shape and formalisation. Rather, it was specified through different projects, and will continue to do so in the future. Currently, its chief formal presentations have consisted in a series of audio-visual pieces, in an exhibition format as an installation, and as a series of workshops and discussions with art educators and professionals.

This publication attempts to present secondary education and university teachers, art institutions and other interested parties, with a guide to the use and deep analysis of the work, in order to allow for a selection of the axes or different layers of reading in the project with which to work with their students, or, from an institutional standpoint, with the provided materials.”

Translated by Kamen Nedev
Publisher Entreascuas Editores, Madrid, 2008
Open distribution license for educational use.
532 pages


PDF (updated on 2018-12-31)

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