Ernesto Laclau, Chantal Mouffe: Hegemony and Socialist Strategy: Towards a Radical Democratic Politics (1985–) [EN, ES, DE, CN, TR, IT]

11 July 2009, dusan

“Now is the present crisis of left-wing thought to be understood? To what extent does it call into the question the idea of social totality that underpinned Marxism and many other socialist theories? Does the concept of hegemony imply a new logic that goes beyond the essentialism of classical Marxist thought?

These are some of the questions that this now seminal book attempts to answer. It traces the genealogy of the present crisis, from the late nineteenth-century debates on working-class unity through to the contemporary emergence of new forms of struggle, making it a classic text both for understanding the concept of hegemony and for focusing on present social struggles and their significance for democratic theory.”

Publisher Verso, London, 1985
ISBN 086091769X, 9780860917694
197 pages

Second edition
Publisher Verso, London, 2001
ISBN 1859843301, 9781859843307
198 pages

Keywords and phrases
Social Democracy, relations of production, proletariat, Rosa Luxemburg, Austro-Marxism, democratic, overdetermination, Austro-Marxist, social agents, planism, Gramscian, essentialist, trade union, dualism, capitalist, sutured, Lenin, feminism, radical democracy, social relations

Reviews: David Forgacs (Marxism Today, 1985), Stanley Aronowitz (Social Text, 1986), Alastair Davidson (Thesis Eleven, 1987), Saul Newman (Australian Rev Public Affairs, 2002), Brian Precious (Spectrezine, c.2002), John P. Clark (Social Anarchism, 2004).

Critique: Normas Geras (New Left Review, 1987, Laclau & Mouffe’s response, Geras’s response)


Hegemony and Socialist Strategy (English, 1985, added on 2017-10-16)
Hegemony and Socialist Strategy (English, 2nd ed., 2001, HTML, PDF, updated on 2020-10-26)
Hegemonía y estrategia socialista (Spanish, 1987, added on 2017-10-16)
Hegemonie und radikale Demokratie (German, trans. Michael Hintz and Gerd Vorwallner, 2nd ed., 1991/2000, added on 2020-10-23)
Wen hua ba quan he she hui zhu yi de zhan lue (Chinese, 1994, 22 MB, added on 2020-10-23)
Hegemonya ve Sosyalist Strateji (Turkish, trans. Ahmet Kardam, 2008, added on 2020-10-23)
Egemonia e strategia socialista (Italian, trans. Fortunato Cacciatore and Michele Filippini, 2011, added on 2020-10-23)

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