Tidal: Occupy Theory, Occupy Strategy, 2: Spring is Coming (2012)

20 May 2012, dusan

“We have spent the winter learning, working and growing. And now we are being propelled to bolder, more intelligent forms of resistance.

Our vision and alternatives will come in time, with patience, working together, when we reflect the strength and diversity of the 99%. Until then, let’s grow our power with each other against a government that’s no longer responsive to the will of the people it claims to represent.

We hope this Tidal ignites new conversations and deepens older ones amongst each other, in our assemblies, working groups, caucuses, universities, town halls, union halls, bars, bus stops, subway cars, shelters, dinner tables, and workplaces, in every spaces we occupy. The stakes are high enough that the conversations should happen everywhere. And perhaps the coming year will be the moment when we are unleashed beyond a ‘movement’ and towards a new way of being.” (Editorial statement)

Edited by Natasha Rosa Luxemburg, Amin Husain, Babak Karimi, and Laura Gottesdiener
Publisher Occupy Media, March 2012
32 pages


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PDF, PDF (10 MB, updated on 2017-12-2)

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