Peter Pericles Trifonas (ed.): Revolutionary Pedagogies: Cultural Politics, Education, and Discourse of Theory (2000)

1 August 2009, dusan

Revolutionary Pedagogies, an innovative edited collection of essays from the cream of the cultural and policy studies crop, examines the theory/practice debate as it has been articulated pedagogically. These essays respond to the need to renegotiate the premise for an ethico-political intervention into the scene of teaching and learning. The contributors–major theorists and distinguished thinkers–seek to answer the question of whether a revolutionary pedagogy is possible as a means of transforming the cultural history of educational practice. They examine this question across disciplines in the areas of deconstruction, postcolonial and cultural studies, feminism, critical pedagogy, psychoanalysis, and educational and curricular theory.

Publisher Routledge, 2000
ISBN 041592569X, 9780415925693
362 pages

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