David Green, Joanna Lowry (eds.): Stillness and Time: Photography and the Moving Image (2005)

9 November 2012, dusan

“This collection of essays by leading photographic and film theorists considers the changing relationship between the still and moving image in contemporary culture. The photograph has traditionally been seen as a quintessentially still image. Its ability to freeze and hold a moment in time has been the source of its peculiar fascination and the foundation of much of the theoretical discussion about it. New technological developments in digital media, however, have fundamentally altered the ways in which we think about photography, in particular forcing us to reconsider our assumptions about the still and the moving image and their relationships to differing conceptions of time. Amongst the topics addressed in these essays are: the work of artists who extend the still image in time through the use of video or narrative sequencing; the aesthetic and philosophical analyses of stasis; the place of the pose and tableau in contemporary photography and film; the iconography of photography in cinema; the notion of the cinematic fragment and cultural memory.”

With essays by Victor Burgin, David Campany, Mary Ann Doane, Jonathan Friday, David Green, Yve Lomax, Joanna Lowry, Laura Mulvey, Kaja Silverman, Garrett Stewart, and John Stezaker.

Publisher Photoworks / Photoforum, 2005
ISBN 1903796180, 9781903796184
183 pages

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