László Moholy-Nagy: Painting, Photography, Film (1925–) [DE, EN]

22 August 2013, dusan

This book presents Moholy-Nagy’s photograms, X-rays, super-wide-angle fisheye pictures, double prints, collages, montages, and the Bauhaus artist’s thoughts on the interrelationship of type, audio, and visual perception.

From the English edition: “The layout of the pages designed by Moholy-Nagy in 1927–bold sans-serif captions surrounded by lots of white space; compositions composed of arrows, dots, photographs, and heavy ruled lines — is much more like a movie storyboard or a musical score. It conveys a suggestion of imploding optical and retinal phenomena, much like driving down the Los Angeles Freeway at 70 mph or jolting through Philadelphia on the Metroliner.. This edition is a translation and facsimile of the second German edition of Malerei, Fotographie, Film published in 1927 by the Bauhaus Press; and it serves as a valuable reminder of the graphic design pioneered at the Bauhaus by Moholy-Nagy and Herbert Bayer..”

“Gropius had invited the twenty-eight-year-old Hungarian phenom onto the Bauhaus faculty in 1923, and Malerei Fotografie Film is Moholy-Nagy’s first attempt to lay out his entire theory and program for photography, and ultimately, for the transformation of human vision.. The book’s bold typography and design enacted Moholy’s concept of ‘typofoto,’ involving the integration of type and images, which was further elaborated in his two later theoretical works, Von Material zu Architektur and Vision in Motion..” (Randell Roth)

Contains photographs by Alfred Steiglitz, Albert Renger-Pazsch, L. Moholy-Nagy, Man Ray, Lucia Moholy, Hannah Hoch and others.

Publisher Albert Langen, Munich, 1925
Volume 8 of Bauhausbücher series
Second edition, 1927
140 pages
via Bibliothèque Kandinsky

English edition
With a Note by Hans M. Wingler, and a Postcript by Otto Stelzer
Translated by Janet Seligman
Publisher Lund Humphries, London, 1969
150 pages
via Sorin Danut

Moholy-Nagy at Monoskop wiki

Malerei, Fotografie, Film (German, 2nd ed., 1925/1927, 131 MB, via Bibliothèque Kandinsky, updated on 2022-4-13)
Malerei, Fotografie, Film (German, 2nd ed., 1925/1927, PDF, JPG, in Heidelberg U Library, added on 2019-7-7)
Painting, Photography, Film (English, trans. Janet Seligman, 1969, added on 2014-8-17)

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