Martin Howse: Diff in June (2013)

21 September 2013, dusan

Diff in June tells a day in the life of a personal computer, written by itself in its own language, as a sort of private log or intimate diary focused on every single change to the data on its hard disk. Using a small custom script, for the entire month of June 2011 Martin Howse registered each chunk of data which had changed within the file system from the previous day’s image. Excluding binary data, one day’s sedimentation has been published in this book, a novel of data archaeology in progress tracking the overt and the covert, merging the legal and illegal, personal and administrative, source code and frozen systematics.

The book, consisting of almost 24 million chars, is now made available in 3 different formats, determined by the production and distribution constraints of the platforms adopted: a full, freely downloadable PDF; a 500 pages PDF available on; and a 740 pages print-on-demand paperback available on

Publisher Link Editions, Brescia, August 2013
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License
ISBN 9781291503593


PDF, PDF (1673 pp)
Issuu (500 pp)
Lulu (740 pp)

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